How to Install Blink Security Camera?

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This blog will instruct you on how to install blink security camera. You can refer to the following steps to set things up.

Blink security cameras are completely wireless and can be placed anywhere in your home inside as well as outside.  Features like two way audio and night vision lets you stay connected to what you love the most no matter where you are. Users can use their Smartphone and blink app to see the live view of their place you can simply create a blink camera account to manage your multiple blink cameras. You can get the blink smart home security app for the Blink camera account sign in.

Without wasting any more points, let’s jump to the steps required for the blink security camera installation.

How to install blink security camera?

Step 1- Download the blink camera app

To get started, you would need to install the blink home security app on your mobile device. For this, you need to go to the Play Store or App Store and search for the blink app. once found, download it and then install it on your mobile phone.

Step 2- Blink camera account sign in

Open the blink app and tap on ‘create an account’ if this is your first time installing the blink camera. You’ll need to enter the email address and password. Go to your email address to verify it. You will need to provide the code that has been sent to your email address.

Step 3- Add a camera and prove it a name

Next, you need to tap on the plus icon on the top of your screen. You’ll be displayed with the blink camera security systems; select your camera. Scan the QR code of the camera to add it to your blink app. Next; you need to provide a name to your security camera.

Step 4- Sync the module

Now, tap on the ‘Add a sync module’ option. For that, scan the QR code on the back sync module using your phone’s camera. Now, you need to plug your sync module into the power outlet. Wait until you see a blue light. Connect your blink camera to your home wifi network.

Step 5- Add more cameras

Finally, you can stick the blink security camera wherever you want. For more blink security camera installation, you need to follow the in-app prompts and you’ll be all done.

This was a quick and step by step guide on how to install blink security camera. if you encounter an issue while performing the blink security camera installation, you can take help from our experts by giving them a call on their toll-free number.