How to Setup & Install Blink Security Camera Wireless?

    Blink Home Security System Setup has been making a lot of noise recently. An increasing number of people have been adopting the blink security camera system to safeguard their assets against unauthorized access. It has therefore been reported that people were finding it hard to get across with Blink Security Camera setup.

    In this blog, we’ll discuss what goes into setting your Blink camera system up for use.Every Blink router comes with a proprietary Sync module. This module helps in quick and easyset up of your Blink Wireless Camera System. The Sync Module requires no assembly or configuration as such. You can just plug it into the power outlet and the follow a simple process to get started.

    Install Blink Security Camera Wireless

    You can download the free Blink app from your respective app store according to the device youare using. If you have already downloaded the Blink App, make sure you ave the latest versionof the same.


    • Tap the Updates button in the App Store and if there’s an update available, click on thesame.


    • Tap the curtain menu in the top left corner. Click My Apps and Games. Go to theInstalled tab. Any apps that need an update will show up in the list. Update the same.
    • Once done, open the Blink App and click on Create Account, if you are a first time user.If not, simply enter your email and password to Sign in to the app.
    • For first time users, you’ll need to choose your region. Make sure you select the rightregion as it will determine the speed of your connection in the future. The closest regionto which you fall into will be selected automatically, though you can change that. Oncedone, click on Ok.
    • On the next page, Enter your email address and click on Next.
    • You will be prompted to create a password. Once done, click on Create Account.Instructions on how to create a password will be contained there, make sure you readthe same.
    • Once done, on the next window, a Verify Email option will remain present. Here, you willbe required to enter the security code which you may have received on you emailaddress provided at the time of the first step.
    • Once you enter the same, the Welcome Screen will be displayed.
    • On the right-hand side corner, a plus (+) sign will be present. Use the same to add aBlink camera module.

    Setup blink security camera wireless

    • Plug the Sync Module into any wall outlet.
    • Launch the Blink App and run the setup Wizard.
    • Click on the + icon.
    • Click on the first Blink Wireless Camera system option. This system usually comprises ofa Sync Module and one or more cameras.
    • A new screen will populate, asking you to scan the QR code or manually enter the serial number on the device.
    • You can assign the system some name such as Home or Office or anything. Once done,click on the Done button.
    • The sync module will instruct you to plug in your Blink sync module and a blue light will start blinking on the screen. Once this happens, click on the Discover Device button.
    • When you see a message with “Blink” wants to join wifi network “Blink xxxx?, click on Join and select the WiFi network which is used in your existing system.
    • You’ll see a message, “Sync Module Added!”. Once you receive the message, click on Done button.

    For more information, reach out to our expert tech support help lines.