How to Setup & Install Blink Security Camera Wireless?

Blink Home Security System Setup has been making a lot of noise recently. An increasing number of people have been adopting the blink security camera system to safeguard their assets against unauthorized access. It has therefore been reported that people were finding it hard to get across with Blink Security Camera setup.

In this blog, we’ll discuss what goes into setting your Blink camera system up for use.Every Blink router comes with a proprietary Sync module. This module helps in quick and easyset up of your Blink Wireless Camera System. The Sync Module requires no assembly or configuration as such. You can just plug it into the power outlet and the follow a simple process to get started.

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Blink Mini camera setup
Blink XT2 camera

Blink Mini camera setup

    Blink Mini is a compact indoor security camera that can record in 1080p resolution. It supports motion detection, weather-proof capabilities and has a night vision feature. Blink camera mounts at the wall without much of effort. It even includes a stand that helps you aim the camera for the right angle. If you are wondering how to set up Blink Mini, you can go through the steps provided in the above sections. Blink for home setup has been made easier with the Blink camera app.

How to setup Blink XT2 camera?

The Blink XT2 camera got enough features to make you safe at your place. The Wireless security camera can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. When a camera triggered, it send instant notification straight to your mobile device. With belkin app, you can view live footage of your home and keep an eye on your kids and pets in your absence. For Blink XT2 camera setup, you can download Blink camera app on your mobile. You can control your Blink camera from any remote location using the Blink app. There are three major steps that are covered in Blink XT2 setup guide which are:

  • Installing the app and creating an account
  • Setting up sync module
  • Adding more camera(s)

Blink Mini camera setup